MCX Update

Installation Of ODIN Diet Update

♦   To download and install new patch in ODIN, please browse following link.

♦   Following page will open

(Images Shown Below)

♦   Click on Products & Services, following page will open and then click on the ODIN Diet Update, one setup file will be downloaded

♦   Right click on downloaded file and extract as shown in below image.

♦   File will be extracted in folder.

♦   Open that folder and right click on that file, select Run as administratoras shown in below image.

♦   Following installation window will open. Click on next and keep on clicking on next until installation finishes.See the following images of installation.


♦   Important note:-While clicking on finish tab Run vcredist_x86.exe must be ticked as shown in above image.After installation right click on Odin Iconand click on open file location

♦   Just check modified date of DietOdin exe should be 8/30/2017 (8th August 2017)

♦   Here finishes your installation login in Odin.

♦   If you face any issue while installation, please contact support team .

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